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MCCM Results for August 2015

Food Bank Results

Category MCCM1
Adults 1183 869
Children 604 413
Families 615 441
Boxes 885 N/A
Total Active Clients 1306 N/A
Total Inactive Clients3 1274 N/A
New Clients This Month 20 N/A
Net Growth This Month 1.531% N/A

  1. MCCM Reporting reflects all client family visits to food bank during the month.
  2. Chattanooga Area Food Bank (CAFB) Reporting eliminates duplicate visits by a client family.
  3. Clients who have not received assistance in the last 12 months.


Good Neighbors Results

Families Disbursements
0 0

Disbursements per Service Type

Service Type Disbursements

Disbursements per Utility Supplier

Utility Supplier Disbursements



Year-to-date Food Bank Results
Year-to-date Good Neighbors Results


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