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Monthly Results for July 2018

Food Bank Results

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Adults 1092 826
Children 492 343
Families 516 387
Boxes 767 N/A
Total Active Clients 1237 N/A
Total Inactive Clients3 2133 N/A
New Clients This Month 25 N/A
Net Growth This Month 2.021% N/A


  1. MCCM Reporting reflects all client family visits to food bank during the month.
  2. Chattanooga Area Food Bank (CAFB) Reporting eliminates duplicate visits by a client family.
  3. Clients who have not received assistance in the last 12 months.

Good Neighbors Results

Families Disbursements
5 419.00

Disbursements per Service Type

Service Type Disbursements
Electric 144.00
Gas 70.00
Unknown 70.00
Water 135.00

Disbursements per Utility Supplier

Utility Supplier Disbursements
Jasper Water and Sewer 135.00
Marion Natural Gas 70.00
Other 70.00
SVEC 144.00



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