Food Waste in America


In America, we have enough food to feed every man, woman and child, yet 72 billion pounds of safe, edible food goes to waste each year. In fact, an estimated 25 – 40 percent of food grown, processed and transported in the U.S. will never be consumed. And more food reaches landfills and incinerators than any other single material in municipal solid waste1.

Feeding America and the Chattanooga Area Food Bank, an agency of Feeding America have programs in place to rescue food from restaurants, grocery stores, food manufacturers, food service companies and farmers to gather food before it goes to waste. But did you realize how much food is wasted by families in the kitchen?

Beth Moncel, Budget Bytes website, writes: “Reducing food waste in the kitchen, like most things, is all about creating good habits. Food waste isn’t just about tossing your leftovers or buying more than you can eat, it’s the little bits of food here and there that go unnoticed that really add up. Here are 8 small habits that can make a big difference when it comes to reducing kitchen waste.” [Read more …]


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