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Training Class for New Release of MCCM Software

The current release of the Food Bank and Good Neighbors software has served us for several years. However, there are some bugs, confusions and aggravations that need to be fixed.

The new release of our software fixes these things. Most of the new software works the same as its predecessor. There are enough differences to need some training on finding everything you are used to and to understand some of the new features.

We have a brief training class scheduled before we install the new software. The class should take no more than an hour and a half.

We have scheduled two sessions:

  • Saturday, February 7, 2015 at 1:00PM
  • Saturday February 14, 2015 at 1:00PM

If you are trained on the current version of the Food Bank or Good Neighbors software please try to attend one of these sessions.

Happy New Year

We wish for each of you a happy, healthy, and holy 2016. We greatly appreciate your support and hard work on behalf of MCCM in 2015 and in the past.

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MCCM Results for December 2014


Food Bank Results

Category MCCM1
Adults 1228 980
Children 591 474
Families 657 514
Boxes 901 N/A
Total Active Clients 1327 N/A
Total Inactive Clients3 1065 N/A
New Clients This Month 29 N/A
Net Growth This Month 2.185% N/A
  1. MCCM Reporting reflects all client family visits to food bank during the month.
  2. Chattanooga Area Food Bank (CAFB) Reporting eliminates duplicate visits by a client family.
  3. Clients who have not received assistance in the last 12 months.


Good Neighbors Results

Families Disbursements
42 2873.72

Disbursements per Service Type

Service Type Disbursements
Electric 2458.72
Gas 65.00
Water 350.00

Disbursements per Utility Supplier

Utility Supplier Disbursements
EPB 420.00
Jasper Water and Sewer 210.00
Sewanee Water 70.00
Smiths Hardware 65.00
SVEC 2038.72
Tennessee American Water 70.00



Year-to-date Food Bank Results
Year-to-date Good Neighbors Results