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Status of MCCM Facility

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Our MCCM Facility is in need of some major work:

  • The HVAC unit is old and unreliable and needs to be replaced. Estimated cost is around $8,000.
  • We added blown-in insulation to the ceiling of the building to reduce HVAC operational costs.
  • The building itself is old (circa 1878) and the foundation is noticeably settling.
  • The HVAC unit and duct work cannot be replaced until we solve the building problem.

We have been assured by several local construction companies that the building is safe to use until we can repair the settling problem.

The board is working with an architectural and engineering company to determine a plan of action.

We have received 2 estimates, to date, for approximately $11,000 and $18,000 to repair the building.

In the near future we will need to conduct a campaign to raise the money to pay for these repairs.


Please keep MCCM in your prayers.


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Marion County Food Insecurity

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Food insecurity exists in every county and congressional district in the country. But not everyone struggling with hunger qualifies for federal nutrition assistance. Please watch the following video to learn what ‘Food Insecurity Means:



As the figure below shows, 15.2% of our friends and neighbors in Marion County are suffering from Food Insecurity.

How can you help us fight Food Insecurity in Marion County?

  1. Pray for Us
  2. Volunteer (2 hours per month)
  3. Organize a Food Drive
  4. Get your Church Involved
  5. Make a Contribution:
    • Food
    • Money
    • Canned goods
    • Produce from your garden

Marion County Community Ministries is a 501 (c)(3) Corporation.

All or part of your gift may be tax deductible as a charitable contribution.
Please check with your tax adviser.

Contributions may be mailed also to:

PO Box 681
Sequatchie, TN 37374-0681

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Monthly Results for April 2016

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Food Bank Results

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Adults 1005 772
Children 421 303
Families 505 391
Boxes 712 N/A
Total Active Clients 1317 N/A
Total Inactive Clients3 1459 N/A
New Clients This Month 13 N/A
Net Growth This Month 0.987% N/A


  1. MCCM Reporting reflects all client family visits to food bank during the month.
  2. Chattanooga Area Food Bank (CAFB) Reporting eliminates duplicate visits by a client family.
  3. Clients who have not received assistance in the last 12 months.


Good Neighbors Results

Families Disbursements
42 2893.20

Disbursements per Service Type

Service Type Disbursements
Electric 2359.00
Water 534.20

Disbursements per Utility Supplier

Utility Supplier Disbursements
EPB 140.00
Jasper Water and Sewer 253.14
South Pittsburg Water 70.00
SVEC 2219.00
Tennessee American Water (Whitwell Water) 211.06


Year-to-date Food Bank Results
Year-to-date Good Neighbors Results