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Back to School and Hungry Kids

As school begins approximately 1 in 6 kids in America face food insecurity.Hungry Kids in America

But, in Marion County, TN the number of hungry kids approaches 25%.

Hungry Kids in America

You can help!

Marion County Community Ministries is a 501 (c)(3) Corporation.

All or part of your gift may be tax deductible as a charitable contribution.
Please check with your tax adviser.

Contributions may be mailed also to:

PO Box 681
Sequatchie, TN 37374-0681


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Community Anti-Litter Grant

Thanks to Judy Blevins, one of our faithful volunteers, MCCM recently received a “Community Anti-Litter Grant” provided by the Marion County Chamber of Commerce.

The proceeds of the grant are to be used to purchase a combination ashtray and trash receptacle to be placed at the entrance of the MCCM building.

George Jackson, our Treasurer, purchased the device and installed it in the proper location at the bottom of the entry ramp.

We need someone who will check on it periodically to empty the trash and, using the scoop provided, remove the cigarette butts from the ashtray.

Please let us know if you can take on this task by sending an email to


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Monthly Results for July 2017


Food Bank Results

Category MCCM1




Adults 1109 808
Children 469 331
Families 539 391
Boxes 780 N/A
Total Active Clients 1257 N/A
Total Inactive Clients3 1857 N/A
New Clients This Month 15 N/A
Net Growth This Month 1.193% N/A


  1. MCCM Reporting reflects all client family visits to food bank during the month.
  2. Chattanooga Area Food Bank (CAFB) Reporting eliminates duplicate visits by a client family.
  3. Clients who have not received assistance in the last 12 months.



Good Neighbors Results

Families Disbursements
1 65.00

Disbursements per Service Type

Service Type Disbursements
Water 65.00

Disbursements per Utility Supplier

Utility Supplier Disbursements
South Pittsburg Water 65.00



Year-to-date Food Bank Results
Year-to-date Good Neighbors Results