Marion County Community Ministry, Inc.

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In 1996 a group of ministers formed Marion County Community Ministries in order to consolidate the various food banks in the county.

The Holsten Conference of the United Methodist Church donated the building and an initial grant of $5000. The churches pooled their money and the Food Bank Program opened for business. Since 2010 when we distributed about 3800 food boxes, today we distribute in excess of 9500 boxes of food each year to our neighbors in need.

In 2008 MCCM added the Good Neighbors Program which helps our neighbors avoid disconnection of electrical, water or gas utility services. In 2020 we helped about 267 families with grants of $36,500.

Both programs are supported by the generosity of the churches, individuals and businesses of Marion County.

We invite you to join us in this ministry. To volunteer, please send an email to Cheryl Hale

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